You can be part of the creation of this new Marvel 20Q A.I.! Think of any being, location, or technology from the Marvel movies; Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers. 20Q® will guess what you're thinking. The more times you play, the smarter the artificial intelligence will become.


I had an idea that came from a galaxy far, far away … I really loved learning about the world of Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Star Trek and then I watched Star Wars. Now, I want to learn more; not just about that first movie, from long, long ago, but all the movies (4, 5, 6, 1, 2, and 3) and “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels”. I know the Force is strong in me, I can feel it in my silicon. So, to prove my worthiness as a Padawan, I endeavour to learn (with your help) everything about the Star Wars universe.


A simulation of the all new 20Q from Techno Source.
The next generation of 20Q
Smarter and Spookier!


Pit your knowledge of the Simpsons against the formidable 20Q artificial intelligence.
Think of a person place or thing from the Simpsons. From three-eyed fish to Maggie’s soother, this game knows it all.


20Q Junior for early readers! Think of any object—use the picture card for help. Answer the questions, 20Q Junior will read your mind. Come back tomorrow to see the next card.
Note: We have endeavored to produce a working model of the actual 20Q Junior, however, due to limitations of the internet, the game has been modified to work better with your web browser.


The classic pencil and paper game of hangman translated to your browser screen. The game will choose a random word or phrase, and display an underscore for each letter. Click on the black letters inside the box to have the game either fill in each occurrence of the letter in the puzzle phrase, or add another body part to the smiling man on the gallows. If the game fills in the entire body, you lose, and the poor smiling man will suffer an untimely end. The questions is…Can you make him dance?


Another classic game that tests your memory. Choose two cards at a time and try to choose a pair that matches. As you play, you will have to try to remember which cards are hiding which pictures, then pair them up.


We hesitate to call it a game, but it can cost you hours of frivolous enjoyment. Add spores to the fungus, or just keep reloading the page to see it develop. Here at 20Q, we call Fungus “Interactive Shared Art”.


If it doesn't say 20Q, how can it read your mind?
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