2006~Toy Industry Association Electronic Entertainment Toy of the Year
It's not only consumers who love 20Q - the toy industry has given it their top honor as well. The T.O.T.Y. Awards are designed to salute the creativity, success and playful spirit of the toy industry by honoring the best toys developed by the international toy industry for North American consumers. 20Q was recognized in 2006 as the toy that best merged high-technology with creativity and imagination.
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2004~Canadian Toy Testing Council - Energizer Toy of the Year
The Toy Testing Council's Toy of the year award has been granted to toys that are tested by children in everyday settings, to assess design, function, durability, and play value. The Council encourages parents to select toys that will guide and enhance a child's development and ability; their job is to test toys to help parents make good toy purchases. 20Q is up to the challenge!
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2005~Oppenheim Platinum Toy Award
The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio was founded in 1989 as the only independent consumer review of children's media and toys in the United States. Highest ratings are given for toys which exhibit both educational and play value, are safe, age appropriate, and most of all - fun! 20Q was pleased to be awarded their highest honor.
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2005~Great American Toy Test Fabulous 14 List
20Q Big Screen was singled out for inclusion on this list of the most fabulous toys available for kids. Rumor has it that parents are having just as much fun with 20Q.
2005~20Q Challenge - Dr. Toy's 100 Best Childrens Products
Dr. Toy knows her toys... Her prescription for fun? Play 20Q Challenge either by yourself or as a group. Dr. Stevanne Auerbach is the Director of the Institute for Childhood Resources, in San Francisco, CA, founded in 1975. She produced the syndicated column, Dr. Toy, for King Features for five years. Her on-line magazine, Dr. Toy's Guide, presents awards for the best educational, developmentally appropriate toys and children's products.
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2005~U.K. Toy Retailers Association - Special Recognition Award
20Q is being recognized worldwide for its perfect blend of technology and pure enjoyment. The U.K. Toy Retailers Award is high praise indeed. British fans are discovering that 20Q is the perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea!
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2004~Time Magazine Gadget of the Week
Who doesn't love a great gadget? Our game continues to amaze those who are sure they have something it won't possibly guess! - Time Magazine featured 20Q as their “Gadget of the Week” in 2004.
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2004~Amazing Toy Award
Baby Zone chose 20Q as one of their favorite toys for the 5 - 10 year old crowd. To be chosen, the toy must be innovative and it must challenge children's growing curiosity about the world. 20Q is ready, willing, and able!
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2005~IEEE Spectrum Editors Pick for Toy of the Year
In the words of the Spectrum editor: “For marrying cunning technology with great entertainment value at a low price, the 20Q s this year's Editor's Pick.” Need we say more?
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2004~Good Housekeeping Savvy Consumer Product Test
20Q passed this test with flying colors! According to The Good Housekeeping product testers: “The “20 questions” game meets the 21st century. Through a series of yes-or-no questions, 20Q seems to read your mind (it uses artificial intelligence). We had a hard time stumping it!”
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2006~Cannes' Cyber Lion - International Advertising Festival
20Q and Darth Vader teamed up to win gold at Cannes' 53rd International Advertising Festival. The extremely popular online viral ad campaign, which adopts the 20Q.net technology to let Vader , was one of 22,000 ads at this year's festival. Licensed by Burger King Corporation, the Sith Sense advertisement took gold in the Cyber Lions category.

If it doesn't say 20Q, how can it read your mind?
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