Is it Animal? NO
Is it Vegetable? NO
Is it Mineral? NO
Is it Other? YES

Okay, Okay…so that’s four questions in one. We didn’t invent the original rules, we just altered them slightly.


Is 20Q an Object? MAYBE

20Q is an object, a website, a company, and a phenomenon. It first gained popularity as an online game (20Q.net) where users log onto the website and play against an artificial intelligence (A.I.) foe. Players think of an animal, vegetable, mineral, or other object and 20Q guesses what the player is thinking in twenty questions or less. And, the more people play, the more the game “learns.” 20Q.net gets 1,000,000 impressions per month, has asked more than one and a half billion questions and played its 79,000,000th game in December 2010!


Does 20Q really work? YES

Try it, it’s very spooky!


Can 20Q read your mind? YES

It knows almost everything and can read you like a book. Be forewarned, trying to stump 20Q is very addictive.


Does 20Q ALWAYS guess what the player is thinking? NO

Not always, but it’s right 80% of the time (98% of the time if you let it ask 25 questions)!


Is 20Q adaptable to other formats beyond the Web? YES

20Q games can run on any platform–it’s adaptable, scalable, modular and embeddable. The technology is uniquely suited to low bandwidth applications, mobile entertainment and small screen devices.


Has 20Q been licensed? YES

Turner Broadcasting licensed a branded version of the 20Q website to create an entertainment site for fans of The Closer television series. It’s called Busted by Brenda.
The Swedish company Folksam licensed a branded version of the 20Q website to create an entertainment site for their customers, Kanslobarometern.
Sony Pictures licensed a branded version of the 20Q website to create an entertainment site promoting the feature film Pink Panther 2. Sony also licensed a branded version to promote the feature film Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs called "Stump the Monkey".
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment licensed the 20Q game to make a Sleeping Beauty-themed version called Maleficent's Challenge which was included as a bonus feature on the 2008 50th Anniversary Blu-ray release. Radica Games, Ltd., a leading toy company, licensed the algorithm and our trademarked name 20Q from 2004 to 2010 to create an award-winning version of the 20Q game.
CPandB managed a deal for Burger King Corporation to create a Flash based entertainment site to promote the release of Stars Wars Episode III–Revenge of the Sith. This promotion won a coveted gold Cannes Lions ad award in the Cyber Lions category for Crispin Porter and Bogusky at the 53rd International Advertising Festival.
RTL licensed a branded version of the 20Q website to create an entertainment site for fans of one of their television productions.
Other licensees include:

  • Design Force
  • Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center, Mobile, Alabama
  • WonderWorks Museum, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


Does the handheld 20Q interact with the player? YES

Actually, it communicates with the player—if that’s what you mean. There’s some funny banter in the handheld game that is big on attitude.


Is 20Q popular? YES

The handheld 20Q licensed to Radica Games, Ltd., was launched in Spring 2004, and the awards and accolades rolled in. Radica couldn’t make enough of the little orbs to go around. It was a complete sell-out for Holiday 2004. By the 2009, more than 25,000,000 units had been sold worldwide.
20Q has won some coveted awards: the handheld game licensed to Mattel/Radica, won the 2006 Toy Industry Association Electronic Entertainment Toy of the Year, the 2006 U.K. Toy Retailers’ Association Special Recognition Award, an Oppenheim Platinum Toy Award, a Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products award, the 2004 Canadian Toy Testing Council’s Energizer Toy of the Year, the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Savvy Consumer Product Test, and Family Fun Magazine’s T.O.Y. Top Toy Award, among others. The online campaign for Stars Wars Episode III–Revenge of the Sith gold Cannes Lions ad award in the Cyber Lions category.
It was previously available in other versions: 20Q Challenge, 20Q Big Screen, 20Q Rock & Pop, 20Q Sports, 20Q Junior, 20Q TV, 20Q U.K. Music, 20Q Harry Potter, 20Q The Simpsons, 20Q Star Trek, and 20Q Disney. There were also many foreign language localizations in: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Japanese, Hungarian, Polish, Greek, and Chinese, at toy retailers around the world.


Is 20Q available everywhere? YES

You can purchase it in person wherever gizmo shoppers shop, including: Walmart, Toys 'R' Us, Kmart, Target, Kohls, Best Buy, Sears, JC Penneys, Sharper Image, Hammacher–Schlemmer, Circuit City, online (just Google ‘20Q’ and see what comes up), and most other toy retailers.


Do kids like to play 20Q? YES

“My Dad got one of these toys for Christmas, but he hasn't had much chance to play on it due to me having it all the time…Ideal to have in your pocket for when your waiting for a bus or train. Get one they're great fun!”—jonogwa (from Amazon.co.uk)


Do adults like to play 20Q? YES

“It is a true obsession. It amazes me each time I play. I have a small retail store and we cannot keep the product in stock!! (We can't seem to work either because we are too busy playing the game!!)”—Michelle (from the 20Q Contact Form)


Is 20Q loved by boys and girls? YES

“My daughter and I have never laughed so hard when it went from guessing war to fart!!!!”—Lynn (from the 20Q Contact Form)
The whole world loves 20Q. 20Q is played and loved by people of all ages and backgrounds. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some others have said about 20Q:

  • “This game is nuts! It asks what seems to be irrelevant questions and then nails the correct answer! Okay - I'm impressed!”—Samuel (from the 20Q Contact Form)
  • “It gave me the chills. I wonder if it senses what you are thinking thru your hands. Anyway, awesome item. ”—Chris (from the 20Q Contact Form)
  • “It was correct soooo many times in a row that we thought it was listening to our speech......so we played without talking.”—Steve (from the 20Q Contact Form)
  • “It’s very spooky … I keep it in the closet when I get dressed.”—Fiagy S. (from the 20Q Contact Form)
  • “I brought it to work and everyone was jealous. I have to admit it is a little creepy but it’s way more entertaining than anything!”— Kirsten (from the 20Q Contact Form)
  • “It has become an obsession!!!What a concept and how "smart". Does it have ears? Does it read your mind?”—Phyllis (from the 20Q Contact Form)


Is 20Q educational? NO COMMENT

Many of our players have told us that they find 20Q very educational, but we refuse to print such rumors. After all, if something is educational it can't be fun, or cool, or entertaining? Or can it?
But just for fun, you can play 20Q online in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and more.


Is it here today, gone tomorrow? NO

20Q is an “instant classic”. Keep your eyes peeled for the all new smarter and spookier version licensed to Techno Source. Plans for other versions and platforms are in the works. Digital Chocolate markets a mobile version for the phones and iPods, and new versions of the game. You’ll see 20Q pop up where you least expect it!


Will 20Q be licensed in other categories? YES

20Q’s licensing program extends towireless games, publishing, games, and other platforms. Click HERE for more information about licensing 20Q.


Can I get the license for 20Q? MAYBE

Let’s talk!


Will the 20Q team help tailor the application? YES

We have been perfecting the 20Q A.I. for over 20 years and would love to bring it to new places.


Should I contact 20Q? YES

By all means. Contact us by clicking HERE.


Has 20Q gotten great reviews? YES

Here are just a few:

  • “Burgener’s invention takes the form of a game. His story makes a powerful statement about the importance of play to both children and adults, something scientists and parents are just beginning to understand.”
  • “Robin Burgener wants to turn child’s play into rocket science.”
  • “For marrying cunning technology with great entertainment value at a low price, the 20Q is this year’s Editor’s Pick.”
  • “The game is deceptively addictive–so cool that parents are now giving them out in loot bags at their kids’ birthday parties.”
  • “This egg-shaped gizmo can zero in on almost anything I can think of. It’s great entertainment for my 45-minute ferry ride to work.”
  • “A Gizmo That Knows All … When was the last time a palm-size piece of plastic and circuitry made your jaw hit the floor?”
  • “Digital Smarty-Pants … It’s totally addictive.”
  • “It’s amazing that a simple electronic device can deduce a thought.”

If it doesn't say 20Q, how can it read your mind?
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